Cheetah 7/8 Legging

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Your go-to patterned leggings with pockets! 

The Cheetah print was such a hit that we are bringing you more of your favorite pattern. Get ready for the Limited Edition Cheetah Leggings with Pockets. The black-on-black cheetah print draws just the right amount of attention, allowing you to feel confident and look your best without an in-your-face pattern. From far away, the cheetah print leggings are subtle and subdued. Up close, they're wild and fun with just a hint of shimmer. Worried if they stay up? We added power mesh in the waistband so these babies won't budge an inch. They're soft and shimmery, plus they don't pill, no matter how many times you wash them. For a more covered-up look, throw them under the All Day Active Skirt and seize the day!  Best of all, these leggings have POCKETS! 

Ethically and Sustainably Made in Los Angeles

To learn more about our mission to repair the fashion world, please check out the Sustainability page

What is the 7/8 Length?

While capris can cut off your leg and full-length leggings can make your legs appear shorter than they actually are, the 7/8 is the Billie Eilish of leggings - just right. They’re perfect for every body type because they help elongate your frame (no matter how tall you are) by giving the illusion that your legs are just that much longer thanks to the ankle exposure they afford. They offer a sleek silhouette, especially when combined with another super-flattering design element a high waistband!

Sizing, Fit, and Fabric Information

The Cheetah Leggings fit true to size. The fabric is stretchy and offers just the right amount of support without taking your breath away. Plus the power mesh at the waistband make them stay up all day alone.

To find out more about sizing, please visit the Sizing page.

79% Polyester, 21% Lycra


Because of the antimicrobial features of the fabric, the Cheetah Leggings do not need to be washed as often as other clothing. When you do wash them, throw them in on the cold setting with like colors and then lie out flat to air dry. Keep your dryer on low if you choose not to air dry. Check the care label for more information.  


Pockets on both sides hold everything from keys to phones and wallets.

Flatlock stitching ensures stronger seams and no chafing.  

Logo label at the hem.

Model 1 is 5'4" and wearing a size Medium.  

Model 2 is  5'8" and wearing a size Large.  

Aja is 5'4" and wearing a size Small.  

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