Recycled Headband

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Available in multiple colors

The recycled headband that checks all your boxes!

Have you been looking for the perfect headband? One that isn't going to slip off and is wide, but not too wide? Maybe something with a pop of color? Well, look no further than Transcendent's Recycled Headband! Made from recycled plastic water bottles, you can wear this headband to the gym, use it as a modest head covering, or accessorize it with any outfit!

Ethically and Sustainable Made in Los Angeles

To learn more about our mission to repair the fashion world, Please check out the Sustainability page.  

Sizing, Fit and Fabric Information

This non-slip headband is one size (OS) fits all. It has an elasticized band to allow for maximum room and ease. 79% Recycled Polyester, 21% Spandex.


Because of the antimicrobial features in the fabric, your recycled headband does not need to be washed as often as other clothing. When you do wash it, throw it in on your washer’s cold setting with like colors and then let it air dry. Keep your dryer on low if you choose not to air dry. You can always check the care label for more information. 


Logo label on the left side. Elastic at the back for comfort and ease.

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