Featured in 201 Magazine's Earth Month special on Sustainable Fashion

Featured in 201 Magazine's Earth Month special on Sustainable Fashion

So honored to be featured in the Earth Month special of 201 Magazine!  When the writer came to me, he thought I'd be perfect to talk about sustainable fashion 💚 and I was overjoyed. I am so proud to produce our recycled activewear in Los Angeles and feel honored for such a feature! 

Transcendent Active in 201 Magazine

"It’s easy to not notice the effects fast fashion has on the planet when I was designing from a cubicle in Midtown Manhattan. Coming up with dozens and dozens of new styles at a rapid pace, I never had the time to think about it. I never saw who made them or how they made them. I never saw where the unsold products went. I was just doing my job. But as I got older and more aware of the environmental impact of the fashion industry, I knew that it didn’t match my own values for a clean planet." When I had the idea of starting Transcendent, I knew that I wasn't going to feed into the fast-fashion cycle that I had been trapped in for so long. I knew that if I was going to start something myself, it would match the ethics I have on the inside with the ethics of how I dress on the outside.


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I love that 201 Magazine asked me for some of my favorite sustainable influencers. This was so easy for me to come up with that I had to share here as well. These women are amazing resources that have influenced my path towards sustainable fashion and hope they will influence your sustainable journey as well.

Aja Barber

Aja Barber is a writer, stylist, and consultant whose work deals with the intersections of sustainability and the fashion landscape. She also wrote my FAVORITE book on conscious consumption. It's a MUST read 📗! You can find her on Instagram @ajabarber.  

Aja Barber, sustainable fashion advocate Consumed, Aja Barber, sustainable fashion advocate 

Happy Earth Habits

Skylar from Happy Earth Habits 🌎 has the best tips for how to live and shop sustainably. She is a huge resource for sustainable education and low-waste living. She is always recommending products that are zero waste and I love everything she recommends, especially the shampoo bars! You can find her on Tiktok @skysaba or Instagram @happyearthhabits.  


Happy Earth Habits, Skylar Saba, Sustainable living


My all-time FAVORITE digital fashionistas are The O. Sisters!  Well, they are 2 sisters, 1 is a teenager and the other is a 20-something-year-old and then the real star, is their 50-something-year-old mom! I love how they shop their closet and upcycle items they've had for years and turn them into new looks. It also really helps that they are MAJOR Transcendent Active fans. Woot woot 🥳


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I hope you love my feature and all these great sustainable fashion advocates!  Remember, that when wanting to lead a more sustainable lifestyle, small steps create BIG change. Don't be hard on yourself. Take one small step today! 
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