5 Easy Outfits for Traveling in Style and Comfort

5 Easy Outfits for Traveling in Style and Comfort

You push yourself every day to work hard, and it’s finally time to take time off and go on vacation. You have your destination in mind. You have your schedule planned out for activities and relaxation. The only thing left to ask is, what are you going to wear?

Transcendent Active has the answer for you! Our brand of modest fashion clothing is functionally designed to keep up with your active schedule and relax on a lovely walk on the boardwalk. Before you hop on your plane, make sure you have these packed and ready to go. 

Modest outfit

Knot Dress :

The Knot Dress is one of our most popular dresses that will make you feel glamorous while maintaining your modest fashion principles. Perfect for a walk along the beach, an evening out at a club, or a quiet candle-lit dinner at a lovely restaurant. Made with a soft, buttery fabric, you’ll want to wear this dress all the time. 

Jersey Quarter Sleeve Top :

The Jersey Quarter Sleeve is the ideal top to just throw on and run out the door. Use it with your morning run along the boardwalk or during a pleasant stroll through the woods. The deadstock fabric and antimicrobial yarn wick away sweat and protects against odors to keep you active and dry all day. It can double as an underlayer for added warmth and comes in a variety of colors. 

All Day Active Skort :

The fashionable fusion of an athletic skirt and gym shorts; the All Day Active Skort is a must-have when traveling. Comfortable, fashionable, and functional, our skorts are designed to fit your unique physique. Featuring pockets for your phone, wallet, and keys; our brand is the pinnacle of modest athletic skorts. 

Boxy Tee :

The Boxy Tee is perfectly designed to be both slouchy and form-fitting. Available in black and white, it makes the ideal base layer to creatively accessorize yourself. Combine it with our Zero-Waste Scrunchie and Wrap to create a style all your own that model would be jealous of wearing. Its boxy frame and crew neckline provide a casual but empowering vibe so you can strut with confidence while traveling. 

Jet Set Jumper :

Jump onto your plane in style with the Jet Set Jumper. The silky soft fabric doesn’t pill no matter how many times you wash and wear it. Sporting a sleeveless look, it casts a daring tone while still having modest fashion standards. Easily customizable with an extra hoodie or wrap or great as is for a night on the town. 

When you’re going on vacation, you want to look your best and relaxed. Transcendent Active is here to provide you with outfits so you can dress your best without being revealing like the rest. 

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