5 Modest Sports Clothes for Working Out

5 Modest Sports Clothes for Working Out


The weather is getting warmer, which means it is time to start grabbing outdoor sporting clothes from the closet. We had an unusually warmer winter, but with spring on the way, now is the time to toss out those outdated and tattered workout clothes for a set that will last you a lifetime. Transcendent Active has all you need to create the perfect, modest workout outfit so you can work hard and feel empowered.

All Day Active Skorts: Do you know what makes changing from a work skirt to work-out shorts easier; having them all in one! An all-day active skort is a brilliant combination of fashion and function by fusing the modest attire of a business skirt, with the freedom and movement of exercise shorts. Run straight from the office to the gym; because the All Day Active Skort will keep you dressed to impress while exercising at your best.

Bike Shorts: Want to balance keeping your modest fashion sense with form-fitting functional clothing? Then our line of Bike Shorts will fit you perfectly. Enjoy the spring weather by riding your bike to the shop, while highlighting your natural physique without being revealing. Featuring pockets to hold everything from your wallet, keys, phone, and headphones; they are a must-have for modest workout clothing.

Cheetah Patterned Leggings: What says sporty clothing more than a pair of leggings that will keep you warm on a brisk morning run? A pair of cheetah-patterned leggings to make your mind feel like you’re racing at top speed down the street. Featuring pockets on both sides for your phone, keys, and wallet; these leggings will hold you firm without feeling too restrictive. Embrace the power of a cheetah while jogging in these activewear pants.

Zero-Waste Scrunchie: For those of you with long hair or just like to accessorize while you exercise, then make sure to add the Zero-Waste Scrunchie to your sports wardrobe. These scrunchies are made from leftover material and recycled plastic water bottles to help with planet conservation. They come in a multitude of colours and add some extra creativity to your gym clothes.

Performance Quarter Sleeve: Our Performance Quarter Sleeve is the best top for working out while still maintaining your modest standards. Designed with a deadstock fabric to wick away sweat, you’ll be able to exercise to your full potential without worrying about soaking your shirt. The antimicrobial yarn in the fabric protects against odours and extends fabric life so you do not have to wash it as often as other tops. Available in black and white, our Performance Quarter Sleeve is the perfect topper for your modest sports attire.

When the warm sun of spring is shining down, make sure you have a sports outfit that is fashionable, functional and aligns with your standards of modesty. Transcendent Active is the only line for your athleisure attire.

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