Extended Sizes Coming Soon!

Transcendent Active - Extended Sizes Coming Soon!

When starting out as a small, sustainable brand, I knew from the beginning that I couldn't offer every style all at once. I felt like I was throwing a party, but was only able to invite a select few. And that select few was actually just one; the All Day Active skirt! 

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Well, since launching last August, my party here at Transcendent has expanded. We now offer a full All Day Active Collection including a skirt (now in 3 colors!), a dress, a top, and a legging. To make things even better, we are adding more sizes!  
My intention for Transcendent was always to be an inclusive activewear brand that caters to all people. People from different faiths, beliefs, and backgrounds and we have built that together! Now, I can finally say that Transcendent will also include people up to size 3X.  
I am working on getting the entire collection in all sizes, but am so excited to start with this one. Our best-selling item, the #alldayactive skirt, will be available on April 7th in size XS - 3X. Be sure to sign up for the mailing list to find out the exact details! 
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