How Comfort, Modesty, and Fashion go hand in hand!

How Comfort, Modesty, and Fashion go hand in hand!

Well, it’s officially Spring and the sun is shining brightly! Have you noticed how, in public buildings , they’ve already turned the heat off and cranked the AC up?

You must be trying to find the easiest way to navigate these seasonal temperature fluctuations, and going for the layering look is crucial to staying comfortable as the weather gets warmer. This is that time of year when the mornings are brisk but, as soon as the afternoon sun strikes overhead, it’s time to run for shades and dip in the pool!

In some places, during these months the temperature can get up to 115 degrees in the Summer but actually, it feels lovely because the air is so dry. Women could typically throw on a sundress and head to daily Mass in the morning unless the air conditioner was blasting ice-cold air. 

What would be the solution? Of course Layering!

Whether it’s for keeping you comfortable in overly exuberant air conditioning, or just modestly covering your shoulders in your little sundress, keeping a nice cardigan in your car as a handy ‘just in case’ layer is essential during this time of year.

It is easy to forget to wear one when you are starting your day or if you are running late. The best option is to have a cardigan conveniently tucked permanently in your car. 

Having a little something to pop modestly over your shoulders, to avoid chilly receptions or temperatures is a simple way around unfortunate occurrences!

This little wrap by Transcendent Active (athleisure fashion made from recycled plastic water bottles) is perfect for this purpose BECAUSE it’s so versatile. Not only can you wear it simply like a cardigan, but you can also wear it backward and turn it into a wrap, or knot it for a more cropped look. 

Just because it’s something you always keep in your car doesn’t mean you can’t turn it into a different look from day to day! How cool is that?!

Click here to shop this cardigan! Swipe through the photos to see all of the ways the founder of this company styles her wrap top. 

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