JewHungry features Transcendent Active!

JewHungry features Transcendent Active!

Aja Cohen

Let’s get to this list! While I don’t have the time it takes to regularly upkeep this here food blog, I will be back from time to time to update y’all on what’s new in our lives but also when an idea strikes like this one how can I help uplift and support Jewish small business in the time of a pandemic (or anytime, really)? This list has been knocking around my head for a while now and I’m so excited to get it out there. I hope you’ll share it so you can help spread the word about these businesses. I apologize if you don’t see your own business on here or if you think I forgot someone. I will keep growing. I promise. This is not an exhaustive list. It is living and developing just like us.


Again, there are tons more incredible artists I could have included, but I would have been writing this post for another month and I just don’t have that kind of time. I also could have included a lot more well-known and established Jewish small businesses, but that’s kinda not the point. I truly like to give voice to those I find to be crazy talented but for some silly reason, don’t have a big following yet.

Transcendent Activewear by Aja (Instagram)

The story behind Aja’s line is incredible - born Catholic, Aja moved to Brooklyn, NY in 2001 to study fashion design at Pratt Institute. There, she not only found a deeper creative outlet in the vibrancy of New York City, but she found her true calling that eventually led her to convert to Judaism. Aja’s managed to create modest activewear that’s fun and vibrant and while I’ve never met her before, judging by her Instagram feed, she seems just as fun and active.


transcend by aja


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