Meghan Ashley Styling features Transcendent!

Meghan Ashley Styling features Transcendent!

“Gosh, I have so enjoyed this and feel like you have helped me sooo much. I feel like you have helped me get my confidence back at a time I really needed it. I also feel like a gained a really cool, fashionable frien (81).png
Catholic moms have some of the most dynamic and multifaceted lives. Which makes it even more difficult to find a wardrobe that’s flexible enough to meet a variety of activities and functions!

I hear it all the time from my clients. And I get it! Motherhood is tough!

One thing that makes it especially difficult is transitioning from starting the day working out, to running off to daily Mass, picking up the kids, and maybe even some volunteering. While I typically lean away from wearing workout wear all day, the time... sometimes we just can’t get around our own busy schedules and need something to wear that will work across the board.

But! I’d bet that you’ve seen the activewear recently and thought… ‘there’s no way I’ll wear that.” Today’s looks are using less and less fabric, and the fit is getting tighter and tighter. There are even people who are ditching their shirts altogether and just walking around the stores in their sports bra (which, I must say, you’d have to feel chilly, what with walking into the AC after just working out). When did I miss shirts becoming optional?!


Anyyyyyywayssssss, I digress...

Ladies, we now have a solution.

Meet Transcendant Active, a modest and feminine activewear brand that has beautiful designs versatile enough for a dynamic life and made with quality and care.

What I love about this brand is that the designs aren’t “in-your-face” and they’re SO wearable. My favorite is pairing the skirt with the ¾ sleeve T-shirt. This is perfect to exercise in, go for a walk or even a run in, and then, if you have to pick up your kids, simply toss on a white sneaker or fresh pair of flats and a denim jacket, and your all-day go-to look is as easy as that!

These designs don’t scream “ACTIVEWEAR!” So you can get away with a lot of variations in mixing and matching. 

Like these stylish options!

I hope these are just what you’ve been looking for!!

Question: What do YOU like to wear for your workouts?

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Activewear That Isn’t Skirting the Modesty Issue

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