My first visit to our LA factory!

My first visit to our Los Angeles factory!

This was a big week for me!  I visited my LA factory for the first time ever.  I saw How our garments are made, and more importantly, Who makes them! Creating community is the crux of my brand, so I naturally wanted to get to know the people who make our clothes. It's also pretty funny that I chose this week to go because not only is it Earth week, but it's also Fashion Revolution week!!!    

This is a time to remember that the fashion industry not only impacts our planet and eco-system, but People and their livelihoods. We as consumers need to ask the questions:
We need to demand TRANSPARENCY from all brands across their entire supply chain. My hope and goal for Transcendent is to bring out the best in people and the planet as much as possible. Who's with me?
Here's a look at the men and women who bring Transcendent to life! Meet Nolberto, the owner of our factory.
Check out some of the BTS (behind-the-scenes) videos!

My Factory Visit!

What goes into the sewing process?

Who made your clothes?

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