Style and Modesty Go Hand-In-Hand

Style and Modesty Go Hand-In-Hand

As someone who dresses modestly, I find myself pulled between two opposites when it comes to my activewear choices; flashy or frumpy. Why does everything that isn't promoting my sexuality have to be kind of dowdy? Well, now it doesn't! 

Transcendent Active is an athleisure brand that is anything but frumpy and dowdy. Rooted in modesty with a focus to change the narrative, Transcendent Active features a full collection of skirts, dresses, tops, leggings, and bike shorts, The line of activewear staples goes as far as to include a tween and plus line. 

Here are a few options that are available which marries modesty with style.

All Day Active Skirt

This all-day active skirt is the best of eco-conscious fashion. Comfortable, high-waisted, and available in a range of stylish colors.

Knot Dress

Finally a fashionable Athleisure Dress! An exercise dress that doubles as an outfit for any occasion.

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Bike Short

The softest sustainable bike shorts with POCKETS you'll ever own! Made from the most buttery fabric ever, our bike shorts are the perfect addition to the workout skirt of your choice.

Jet Set Tee Dress

Once you try on the Jet Set Tee Dress, you probably won’t want to wear anything else all summer long.


A fashionable layering piece that completes any outfit! Looking to throw on another layer after a sweaty workout? Need a layering piece that keeps you cozy with a cool vibe? Having a hard time finding a layering piece that isn't too heavy or too light? The Wrap is a perfect choice!


They all come in various colors and are available for almost all body shapes and sizes.

What else would you ask for in clothing…  style, with modesty, which fits you and is very pocket friendly!!


Visit for more such options.

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