Sustainability in Fashion

Sustainability in Fashion

Can you have ‘Sustainability’ and ‘Fashion’ both aligned together? Yes, we believe you can have both! Transcendent Active has shown that it is possible. Aja Cohen’s (Founder) determination to blend her love for designing activewear, her passion for yoga and movement, and her dedication to helping the planet become more sustainable has started Transcendent Active, a modest activewear clothing company.

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The garments are made from recycled plastic water bottles and deadstock fabric that would otherwise end up in the landfills. These wardrobe items are functional AND do good for the planet. This sustainable line is made ethically in Los Angeles at family-owned factories. 

Transcendent Active focuses on what matters. Orders are shipped in recycled poly mailer bags made with 100 percent recycled material and 50 percent post-consumer waste, with a dual adhesive strip to make returns easier and waste-free. Even thank-you cards are constructed entirely from recovered trash and printed with eco-friendly inks.

Our line of eco-friendly, complementary accessories includes headbands made from recycled plastic water bottles; Zero Waste scrunchies made from excess fabric scraps and tote bags made from recycled cotton canvas.

So now you can stop being self-conscious about what you are wearing and focus on what you are doing—for your body and the planet!

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