The Skinny on my LA trip!

The Skinny on my LA trip!

It all started last week when I (Her Story) found out my license was expired. I quickly got an appointment at the DMV to get a new one. A piece of paper license that they swore was legit. I figured they were right, so I went ahead and rented a car. Then, Saturday night, I found out the package of the product I sent to LA was never delivered. It was lost on a truck somewhere in Beverly Hills. Evan and I quickly pulled the product and stuffed it in a carry-on suitcase. As soon as I landed, I went to pick up my car to only find out that no, New Jersey was wrong. My license was not good enough for the West Coast. I hopped in an Uber and headed to the pop-up.

Just as we were finishing setting up, a nice park ranger came strolling over to tell us we couldn’t sell in the park, even though we confirmed the opposite just weeks before. So I started selling things right out of my suitcase. Let’s just say I looked more Canal Street than Rodeo Drive, but hey, I’m an East Coast girl anyway.

I have walked the streets with my traveling suitcase, waited for what seems like forever for an Uber, and even biked from Pico to Venice just to see the ocean. I think I’ve tracked a million steps already!  Not your typical trip to Los Angeles, but girl, have I laughed!

This is the life of a #womanownedbusiness! Taking things in stride and having a blast along the way 


Here’s a #photodump of my travels!

Pop Up with @therealeli7designs and @kimkyne


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