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Top 5 Modest Workout Clothes for Women

Who wants to choose between comfort and style? Comfort is key when it comes to workout clothes, but no one should have to give up style to feel good in what they are wearing. One has to keep everything in mind while choosing clothes for exercising be it fabric, fitting or personal preference. One can look fashionable and also be comfortable in modest workout clothing. Women have the right to choose comfort and wear the best fit that empowers them. 

Transcendent Active has come up with modest workout clothes, which provide style and comfort in one! Don’t know where to begin? Here's a list of some of the best modest activewear by Transcendent Active that keeps you cool & comfortable while working out: 

1-  All Day Active Skirt

The All Day Active Skirt allows you to move freely and look stylish at the same time. This sustainable skirt is made from sweat-wicking fabric that keeps your body cool and helps you exercise freely. Coming in multiple colors, this skirt gives you the chance to feel the most you in your modest activewear. 

Modest Activewear Skirt

2-  Performance Quarter Sleeve Top

The Sustainable Performance Quarter Sleeve Top is made from a thin and breathable fabric which makes it perfect for exercising. It provides unmatched comfort and makes you feel comfortable while exercising. The Performance Quarter Sleeve Top contains antimicrobial yarns that protect against odors so that you can sweat freely without any worries. 

Quatar Sleeve Top

3-  Knot Dress

Finding the perfect stylish dress for working out sounds unrealistic and uncomfortable, but that is because there are not many options available in the market. The sustainable Knot Dress is made from soft and buttery fabric and can easily be paired with leggings to make it more workout friendly. This dress allows you to move and run freely, without feeling weighed down by fabric. Have a yoga class at 7 but a party at 8? The Knot Dress may just be the perfect fit for you!

Knot Dress

4- The Leggings 

Our sustainable Leggings are soft and comfortable, they have pockets too! They are patterned leggings specially designed for women’s comfort, so feel free to try to push them to their limits. They are well-fitted leggings made from stretchy fabric, which allows your skin to breathe while exercising. They come in a beautiful Hunter-Green, and even Cheetah Print which gives you the option to look different & stunning every day while staying comfortable. 

5-  The Headband and Scrunchies

Our Headbands and Scrunchies are made from recycled plastic bottles as well as recycled fabric scraps! If you are looking for something to take care of your hair and keep you looking stylish while you are exercising, grab One headband and scrunchie in every color. These fun and easy hair accessories stay on and keep going, just like you. 

Headband Scruncies

Transcendent Active is continuously coming up with more sustainable clothing that will keep you fashionable and comfortable all day, while doing what is best for the environment. What are you waiting for? It’s time to get comfortable, get stylish, and get active.

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