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Transcendent Active Holiday Gift Guide

Are you struggling to find the perfect modest activewear gifts for the special women in your life? With this Transcendent Active Gift Guide, I’ve sought out the best gift ideas for 7 different kinds of women and listed them below. Each theme I’ve selected features a different unique sense of style, and all the items I have listed support some of my favorite small businesses. Check out this holiday gift guide and come away with one (or five) new modest activewear gift ideas. 

Moon Momma Gift Guide

Chances are you have a Moon Momma in your life. She’s a free spirit who loves the earth and all of its creatures and is confident in her funky, bohemian sense of style. Sound familiar? Check out these gift ideas!
Moon Momma

Start With the All-Day Active Skirt

Whether your Moon Momma is going about her busy day or relaxing at home, this modest running skirt will be her go-to piece of clothing. Perfect for those with a keen fashion sense who are looking for a knee-length skirt that is lightweight and breathable. 

Throw On a Celestial Suns Pullover

This bright pullover offers a pop of color along with a fun design your Moon Momma will love. Plus, it completes a cute look when paired with the All-Day Active Skirt!

Moon Momma Socks

What’s a better way to express a unique personality than with a fun pair of long socks? These socks are covered with moons and are made from organic cotton by a small, eco-friendly business. 

Moon Accessories

Get your Moon Momma a pair of half-moon earrings with colorful gemstones that complement any look. For another fun accessory gift idea, pick out a healing crystal the special woman in your life will cherish. 

Go Green Girlfriend Gift Ideas

Go Green Girlfriend is a lover of all things green and lively. She adores keeping up with her garden, and expresses her appreciation for nature through her wardrobe. So what should you get the Go Green Girlfriend in your life?
Go Green Girlfriend

Pick Out a Knotted Exercise Dress

There is no cuter modest look to wear to the gym, park, or out on the town than this green dress. With its soft fabric, flattering cut, and comfortable length, your Go Green Girlfriend will never be taking this off! 

Pair Nail Polish With a Green Look

The best part of this earthy green nail polish? It is vegan and non-toxic! Your Go Green Girlfriend will love this shade and all the brand represents.

Throw On A Sterling Silver and Onyx Ring

With its gorgeous, classic signet shape and deep green color, this sterling silver ring will certainly be a favorite. 

Green Lambskin Gloves Add a Classy Touch

The special woman in your life will pair these elegant gloves with their modest exercise dress when temperatures drop. They are handmade in Italy by true artisans- How cool is that?

Gift a Plant This Holiday Season 

What Go Green Girlfriend doesn’t love plants? Bring some extra life to their home this holiday season with a quirky pancake plant. 

Sweat Stylista Gift Suggestions

The Sweat Stylista is ready to move, and she wants to be comfortable and look stylish while doing so. So what kind of items will this woman have on her wish list? 
Sweat Stylista

Choose Recycled Polyester Leggings for the Win!

These ⅞ leggings (meaning they’re just at the perfect length to cover up yet keep legs looking miles long), form the perfect base of an outfit for an active Sweat Stylista. 

Invest in Proper Trail Running Shoes

These classic trail runners have grip and stabilization properties to keep your Sweat Stylista comfortable when running and exploring. Plus, they look great with any outfit, whether she is out for a jog or meeting up with friends.

Keep Her Going with Running Socks

These innovative socks match the contours of the foot to help combat blisters and keep feet supported and comfortable no matter what they get up to. 

Active Accessories are the Way to Go

Your Sweat Stylista will want to stay warm with a stylish and functional winter hat, and show off her personality with a pair of oversized sunglasses as she moves throughout her day.

Selfcare Snuggler

The Selfcare Snuggler in your life wants to stay comfortable at all costs. She is always ready to snuggle up and hunker down. So what do you get for this type of woman?
Selfcare Snuggler

Comfort and Style Go Hand in Hand

This midi skirt will keep your Selfcare Snuggler modest, warm, and comfortable all season long. The A-line fit is oh-so-flattering, while the sleek style and fabric make this a versatile piece that can go from couch to formal occasion in just minutes. Plus, it’s made from recycled water bottles!

Get Your Selfcare Snuggler These Ultra Comfy Slippers

These alpaca slippers are made by a small business based in Brooklyn that makes all of its products by hand. Wearing these slippers provides a dose of luxurious comfort and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the brand is cruelty-free and strives for sustainability.

Self-Care Spa Night Coming Up!

When your Snuggler has their next self-care night, they will turn to these vegans under Eye Patches that soothe and hydrate sensitive skin. Healing body butter will be another special treat for your Selfcare Snuggler to help her relax and take care of herself as she sits down to write in her The Five Minute Journal for calm and clarity.

Mompreneur Madame

The Mompreneur Madame is a powerful woman full of ambition and know-how. She is taking care of business, so how do you take care of her?
Mompreneur Madame

Pick Out Her New Favorite Running Skirt

Since the Mompreneur Madame is always on the run, this modest activewear skirt will be her instant go-to. This fitness skirt moves when she moves, and is sleek and stylish in a deep maroon red. 

Support Women-Owned Brands

The Mompreneur Madame in your life will so appreciate this refined new tequila produced by a women-run company in Mexico. It’s double distilled and aged in American oak barrels for an irresistible smoky flavor. Plus, she can drink it from a gold-rimmed saucer while developing her own new business as she reads Company of One.

Powerful Accessories

These hand-crafted earrings will polish off the Mompreneur Madame’s look, along with another red accent in the form of a sleek and stylish handbag. Everyone admires how she moves with self-assured confidence when she walks into the room! 

Ready to Start Your Holiday Shopping?

Now that you’ve read the Transcendent Active Holiday Gift Guide, it’s time to shop! Pick out Modest activewear gifts that are comfortable and stylish and you’re already off to a great start. No matter what kind of special woman is in your life--whether she’s a Sweat Stylista, Selfcare Snuggler, or somewhere in between--give her a gift that helps her look and feel her best. And help support the environment and small businesses at the same time this holiday season!
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