Transcendent Activewear Evolving Fashion

Transcendent Activewear Evolving Fashion

Daniel Klin

The fashion industry is a fast-paced business where companies rapidly chase trends and have little to no regard for who made your clothes and what impact that has on the planet. Because fast fashion’s primary goal is to produce uber-trendy clothing in unethical ways, fast fashion often lacks that special touch of making clothing personal, empowering, and comforting to make the wearer feel and look good and also to do good for the planet.

Aja Cohen is the creator of Transcendent Activewear, and her line of modest workout clothing is constructed to function for the modern woman’s lifestyle and to be kind to mother Earth.

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Here are several great ways Transcendent Activewear excels as a superior clothing line in the fashion industry.


  1. Designed for All Lifestyles: Transcendent Activewear is made for modest activewear. Whether you have a yoga class in the morning, a family activity in the afternoon, and a romantic date in the evening; Transcendent Active combines everything you need for any occasion.
  1. Empowered Clothing: Unlike most fast fashion garments, Transcendent Activewear is designed for modesty and empowerment. Garments like their athleisure dress provide the wearer the strength to feel confident in their own body without being revealing. Feel energized dressing for yourself with modesty and confidence, instead of something revealing while trying to impress others.
  1. Sustainable Clothing: All clothing is made from recycled plastic bottles and deadstock fabric. Fabrics also have antimicrobial and wicking features which require less time needing to be washed compared to other clothes. Flatlock stitching ensures stronger seams and no chafing to allow you to perform any activity without being encumbered. Transcendent Activewear guarantees you the best modest sustainable fashion.
  1. Pockets: One of the biggest complaints women have about clothing is that outfits don’t have real pockets. Transcendent Activewear offers pockets on their garments deep enough to fit your phone, wallet, and keys.
  1. Zero Waste Fashion: There is no fabric waste in Transcendent Activewear as Aja will repurpose material to create new accessories. In fast fashion, companies rush to push out their clothes, and anything that doesn’t sell is discarded. Aja creatively finds new ways to upcycle unsold garments by turning them into something new and exciting like hair accessories!
  1. Environmentally Friendly: Transcendent Activewear is eco-friendly with a mission to help the planet through minimal packaging waste. Companies use entirely too much plastic when it comes to shipping. Everything gets discarded and goes straight to the landfill. But not at Transcendent. All orders are shipped with reusable tissue paper with NO plastic or polymer bags. No more single-use plastic here! 

Transcendent Activewear is the only source for the best modest workout clothes that also help the planet.

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