Transcendent Activewear for Every Body: Tips for Finding the Perfect Fit for Every Body Type

Transcendent Activewear for Every Body: Tips for Finding the Perfect Fit for Every Body Type

We know that when shopping online, people are looking for clothes that fit them personally. With so many body types out there, it can be a lot of work to find just the right outfit that fits your specific body type. Which is why we embrace inclusivity at Transcendent Activewear. 

We have seen the disconnected viewpoint the world paints fashion. That’s the reason we designed a clothing line that fits everyone’s body size. Embrace the confidence within knowing you are beautiful no matter what size you are and buy something where the clothes are designed to fit you. Here are a few fashion tips to help you shop for your size.

  • Activewear Pants: Activewear pants are made from stretchy fabric, which offers you the support you need without fighting to breathe. Ditch trying to fit into skinny jeans and slide into a pair of leggings that will conform to your body size. Activewear pants work as exercise pants for you to start your morning routine, as well as casualwear showcasing the body you should be proud of.
  • Modest Workout Clothes: Fashion companies design workout clothes to be functional, but most attractive. Modest athleticwear allows you to work hard, play hard, and still maintain your modest standards. Our line of Cheetah Print Leggings is the perfect fit for all sizes of women. A modest workout skirt can feel just as good as any of the other skirts on the market, but with the advantage of having pockets so you don’t have to carry a bag while working out.
  • Modest Long Skirt: There’s something special about finding the right, modest skirt or dress that fits flawlessly. A true long skirt will reach mid-calf, be high-waisted, and rests on your belly to hold you in without squeezing you tight. Made from the same stretchy fabric as the activewear pants, a modest skirt will be your best friend as something to slip into and go. As a bonus, modest long skirts can double as athletic skirts, meaning they are versatile for all your daily errands.
  • Athleticwear: A set of modest athleticwear is flawless for anyone wanting to work up a sweat while still lounging in the afternoon. A pair of Hunter Green 7/8 Leggings go up from XS to 3X. And like our Cheetah Print Leggings, they have pockets! Athletic skirts, pants, and or dresses will help you maintain your modest standards while still looking good and ready for you to build up a good sweat.

Purchasing a comfortable set of modest clothing can be challenging in the fashion industry where everyone keeps promoting body exposure. Embrace the body you have and get yourself something modest, comfortable, and functional with Transcendent Activewear. 

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